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Massage Therapy + Yomassage


 In 20+ years of massage therapy, I have mastered a deeply relaxing and therapeutic massage style. I offer both a Gentle Touch  and Deep Tissue work when requested and appropriate.

90 minute

120 minute

Chronic Pain Management
Pregnancy Massage
Deep Tissue

Gentle Touch


Restorative Yoga Positions + Hands-on Massage Therapy


Feel the benefits of therapeutic touch tied in with basic yoga principles. Yomassage™ classes offer a comfortable and open atmosphere for gentle healing within a group environment. Your Yomassage™ licensed massage therapist will combine touch, mild stretch, and breathing mindfulness to promote inward reflection, relaxation, and gentle healing.


Though Yomassage™ classes are offered in a group setting, your licensed therapist is trained to make sure everyone receives individual treatment in a comfortable, welcome, and open environment. Your therapist will walk you through a series of comfortable and supported Yomassage™ positions that are held for five to 10 minutes. While relaxing into the positions, your therapist will guide you through breathwork to induce mindfulness and deep relaxation. By the end of the class, you will have received a full body massage, as well as complete mental rejuvenation.

Yomassage can be a 1:1 session at Studio Elan, or you may host a class at your location.  A maximum of five students will be allowed in each Yomassage™ session. Classes are kept small so that each client can receive individual therapist attention. You can expect a warm room with mood lighting and soft music, and all tools and materials will be provided. Yomassage™ classes are meant for all skill levels, and no experience is required to attend.


Frequently Asked Questions


YoMassage™ is a totally luxurious experience that combines the healing properties of restorative yoga and massage therapy to offer the ultimate relaxation experience. Restorative yoga emphasizes stillness, meditation, and gentle stretches. Poses may include supported bends, seated forward folds, and light twists. Each Yomassage™ session includes five to six poses held for 5-10 minutes with hands-on massage in each pose.  Classes have a maximum of 5 people and last approximately 90 minutes.
You may also receive one on one sessions as well as Couples (friends, couples, mother/daughter, etc.) 


Wear comfortable clothes that you can stretch and bend in. Wear clothing you would bring to a yoga class, such as gym pants with an elastic waist or athletic shorts, and a workout top that is sleeveless and not too restrictive. All massage will take place while you are fully-clothed and shoeless. Your therapist will massage as much skin as can be reached, working with all major muscle groups without clients undressing. Consider bringing easily removable shoes that you can slip on and off before and after class.


No, your therapist will have all materials you need, including mats, bolsters, blocks, blankets, and any other pillows or necessary tools.


No! No experience is necessary to fully benefit from Yomassage™. You just need to feel comfortable getting up and down from the floor. Your therapist will walk you through the positions and assist you as needed. You do not need any prior experience in fitness, massage, or yoga to take these classes.

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