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Pain Relief

Rossiter Stretching is a series of powerful and effective two-person "pin-and stretch" release techniques for addressing structural pain and restriction of movement at its source, the body’s fascia, ligaments, tendons, collagen, elastin – collectively called connective tissue. Tight connective tissue is the source of stress, immobility, and pain in the body.

Rossiter Stretching quickly restores connective tissue to its natural, healthy state. Strategic anchoring of tissue with the practitioner’s foot, while the client executes specific motions to create a tensile stretch framework body-wide which delivers more extensive and longer-lasting results. The client is fully in charge of the session, and results are generally instantaneous and profound. Pain relief, increased range of motion, improved circulation, and nerve conduction are all end results of the Rossiter Stretching workouts.

Rossiter System is UNIQUE and based on the seventy-year-old concepts of a form of bodywork called Rolfing as well as on other massage techniques. You stretch your own body from the inside out with a Rossiter practitioner’s assistance. Results are quick, profound, and life-changing. You regain and increase range of motion. If you are ready to take care of your body in a whole new way, the Rossiter System’s breakthrough techniques are for you! This is a powerful new way to prevent and relieve pain, regain and increase range of motion, and enhance performance. There are no medications, no splints, no injections and no risky surgeries.

Rossiter Sessions are currently on hold while I settle into my new studio space


The Rossiter System is a unique physical experience that combines the healing properties of deep stretching and precision connective tissue pinning to provide the ultimate full-body stretch. Each Rossiter sessions are quick AND RESULT based. This is NOT about time. Your session may be anywhere from 15-30 minutes.
​As lon as you are able to get down onto the floor and up again you can receive the Rossiter Stretching System.



Wear comfortable loose clothes that you can stretch and bend in. All Rossiter work will take place while you are fully-clothed. Your therapist will wear fresh clean socks for each client. Consider bringing easily removable shoes that you can slip on and off before and after the session.


No, your therapist will have all materials you need, including mats, blocks, and any necessary tools.




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