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Big Changes!

Hello friends! Dori Kate here.

Man, September was kind of a rough month. Anyone else thinks so too? At the beginning of the month, I received a positive Covid test and I was down for a solid week, then I developed a heavy cough that made seeing clients not possible. I was cleared to work but trust me, nobody wanted that during a nice relaxing service!

Then some uncomfortable news made me start the challenging process of a mother's sacrifice; exchanging something I enjoy for what is best for my family. 2020/21 has given us all uncomfortable situations. Something that I feel is important during times like this is that we maintain a GROWTH MINDSET:

A focus on what IS possible.

What we CAN DO.

What we CAN control. What IS possible is that during this time I can focus my attention inward, on my home and family.

What I CAN control is what this sliver of my children's childhood looks and feels like.

What I CAN DO is provide the same level of care for my beloved clients, just during reduced hours of the week.

What I CAN DO is provide space for another business to be born. What I CAN DO is offer gracious THANK YOU to people who are willing to be flexible and allow room for change. (my clients, Danita Busse, Samantha Shepherd, and Anthony Morrison).

What I CAN DO is refer talented + local professional friends and help their businesses thrive as much as mine does.

What I CAN DO is offer deep thank you to all of the school professionals who work every single day to keep our kids safe and happy and healthy. Starting now I am homeschooling our 1st grader, a decision my husband and I have had in our minds and our hearts for some time now and ultimately was the best decision for our family. To make room for that I will be changing my available working hours.

My online booking is closed until I am caught up with the backlog of canceled clients due to my covid illness and have rebooked clients who have existing upcoming appointments. If you need a service or a trusted referral please don't hesitate to reach out to me at

701-382-9399 or Online booking will reopen when all previously scheduled clients are taken care of and my new schedule is set. Starting Nov. 1st Danita has graciously agreed to take over the 1st treatment room as her private Hair + Nails suite until the new salon she started is finished at the beginning of the year, which is just in time for Samantha to return from her maternity leave and enjoy her own private suite.


Nov. 1st Market Society is taking over the front of the Studio Elan building. Market Society is a new local makers market, just in time for LOCAL HOLIDAY SHOPPING! This shift is what is allowing me to reduce my overhead and change my schedule to focus on my little family.

I worked hard to make sure everyone was taken care of and has what they need in order to make this change a success, and I'm grateful that all of the moving pieces of this puzzle fell into place relatively easily and quickly - which is something I've always taken as a sign that something is meant to be and a positive move forward! I look forward to seeing you all at the Cavalier Wine Walk! I have an AMAZING artist coming to do a live painting and talk about her painting classes, and you can meet Rachel and shop some of her new vendors! September 30th, 5-8:30pm

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