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The Shop is OPEN!

OKAY! She's not quite as pretty as I envisioned but she's FULL and she's OPEN! (I'll save the 'pretty' project for next year's Holiday Shop! Done is better than perfect.)

I've worked hard to have a wide variety of price points - from especially frugal to extremely luxurious. Use the filters on the left side of the page to see special categories from Spa Sets to Stocking Stuffers. I even have a special category for group giving - because I know you have teachers, coworkers, AND friends to shop for.

These are the best deals on multiples of smaller items: Like the $2.80 lip masks - pair one with a flavored chapstick and a pack of gum for all of your {favorite} coworkers!? So - this week let me help you with your Christmas Shopping. I hope you find that PERFECT gift for someone - or for yourself. Why Today? Because I truly, really, definitely, don't want to add to the NOISE of Black Friday. *I Know* that you are being pulled in a million directions right now, that your list is a mile long and you want to spend your Christmas dollars in the best way while also giving thoughtful gifts. That is my intention as well. I'm opening today to allow you to shop when YOU have the time. Unhurried and unpressured. That is always my goal for you. You won't see shipping options - These will be hand-delivered or pickup arranged in 1-2 weeks. Items will be lovingly packaged and wrapped and you'll receive a text when they are ready. Happy Shopping!

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