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I've wanted to do this for so long

Hello again friend! I'm so glad you are reading this. It feels like the last two months have flown by - so much change and so much released, and learning to allow the new to flood in. One of the biggest truths I've learned in the past few years is that pruning makes room for new growth. It really does.

I've been intentionally pruning my life (especially my business!) and have also had some things being pruned for me. Sometimes it is hard and painful, but we can trust it's all happening FOR us, and it is all to make room for what is even better for us.

My family and I are settling into these changes, easing into the routine and rhythm of our new life of Homeschooling, and my new 2 day work week schedule (Sundays + Mondays) at my new location (McCurdy's Health & Wellness). Settling in has allowed me to pursue some exciting things - one of them being something I've wanted to create ever since I opened Studio Elan. Every Christmas season I envisioned hosting a pop-up Holiday Shop where I got to bring YOU loads of the most fun, pampery-est stocking stuffers and luxurious gifts that my cross-industry licenses give me access to. Always in overwhelm I put it off for 'next year'. THIS IS THE YEAR! One thing that is different this year is that I have the time and the 'mental space' to build that Online version for you. This is an extension of what I try to create for you every time you come to see me - this is me taking care of you, Me creating something that is valuable to you and makes your life just a little better, and THAT, friend, is what I do best. I've worked hard to have a wide variety of price points - from especially frugal to extremely luxurious. I even have a special category for group giving - because I know you have teachers, coworkers, AND friends to shop for. So - this week let me help you with your Christmas Shopping. I hope you find that PERFECT gift for someone - or for yourself. The Holiday Shop launches on Wednesday and will be open until midnight on Friday. Gift Wrapping included on select purchases. Why Wednesday? Because I truly, really, definitely, don't want to add to the NOISE of Black Friday. *I Know* that you are being pulled in a million directions right now, that your list is a mile long and you want to spend your Christmas dollars in the best way while also giving thoughtful gifts. That is my intention as well. I'm opening on Wednesday to allow you to shop when YOU have the time. Unhurried and unpressured. That is always my goal for you. Shopping link coming soon!

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