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We've Moved!

It is so very fitting that on this Monday, the very first day of a brand new month we make the formal announcement of our news!

When things are aligned they move swiftly - and this transition was right on with the higher plans for Dori Kate and Danita!

I (Dori) am currently still getting a backlog of clients rebooked from an entire month off with my Covid adventure - this page will stay active and moderated by me. My number remains the same 701-382-9399 and online booking will re-open with all clients are taken care of at her new studio in McCurdy's Health & Wellness at 500 Division Ave S Cavalier.

Danita's number is the same at 701-265-2730 and is available for any questions about her new salon.

Have a very blessed season of gratitude and Thanksgiving as we usher in the bustling Holiday Months - we can't wait to see you at our new locations!

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